Monday, April 4

Why so Serious?

There is a split in the fans at the moment
The wenger knows and the wenger out obviously there are some in the middle but lines are being drawn and racist chants akin to the 80's are slowly edging their way back on to terraces,
"F*ck off Wenger you child molesting French prick you've ruined our club and mugged us off".  From saturday heard by @GarethDParker 
It is a sign of the times with employment being so high and belts tight due to the crunch people are looking for something to voice there anger at and football is a weekly place to hide in a crowd and shout.

What are people angry about wenger or the board?

Or are people angry that the has annouced the increase in ticket prices due to the club following Finacial UnFair Pay rules which have forced the club to bring up ticket prices as it's a "legitiment source of income"

Wenger was reported in L'equipe he will not sign big this summer also which is causing a stir, as the team isn't far away AS ALWAYS

Or is it more to do with the commercial juggernaut that is the premier league we all sold out to the scudimore and premier league promise of fancy football. The stuff they told us happens on main land europe with technique and fancy passing.
"You need money and plc's to get it"
they said and swiftly all seats came in, even though it was contrary to stanley, ((fencing was the problem) bring back safe standing sign here)).
You might say

Why so serious?

We're second with a realistic chance of winning the premier league why are people bashing wenger?
But being a nearly team for so long, has taken it toll and fans are bored of it and fed up with the day tripper fans which the clubs love.
"One chap said to me he wouldn't mind us not winning for another 4 years if it meant losing all the prawn fans!" via @scotts84  

RSD out

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