Sunday, August 7

Reasons To Be Cheerful

by @buxtongooner
Ok. Bear with me on this, and let me somehow try to ease your Arsenal pain.

It’s been a stressful time since the limp and lethargic end to a season that promised so much, and I have to admit it’s been getting me a little down.

I’m as frustrated as everyone else with the minimal transfer dealings so far conducted this summer. I’m baffled as to why supposed deals have yet to be concluded, maddened by the continual list of potential players names thrust upon us, and green with envy as another of the world’s elite arrives at Manchester City, but here’s what’s getting me down the most –

The moaning.

The constant whingeing.

The bleating of Arsenal supporters that claim to know better. Those that have been spoiled with success in recent years ought to turn back the clock a few more and realise that we’ve all been through this before. Wenger is enduring one of the, if not the, toughest summers of his managerial career. A summer where, thanks to ridiculous money being thrown around at various clubs, it’s getting harder to compete and bring in the proven ‘quality’ that we all covet. And he’s getting a bashing for it, as is the board. Moan all you want, chums, but I’m going to remain optimistic.

Why? Here’s why.

Forget Cesc and Nasri. If they go, they go. That’s just how it is. But look at what we’ve got at our disposal. A goalkeeper, a very good one at that, mad as a box of frogs, just how we like them. Jack Wilshere, who after a breakthrough season for club and country can, if possible, only get better. Aaron Ramsey, after his hideous savaging, back to fitness and an undoubted talent. Keiran Gibbs, who many thought should have replaced Clichy some time back, and but for injury, probably would have. Koscielny, who for me had as good a first season in The Premier League as one could hope for, will get better. Vermaelen’s back and will be up for it, properly up for it. Sagna, the best right back in the league, with a head-full of sausages, joined now by an equally strange follicled being in Gervinho, who has impressed during pre-season. There’s Walcott, Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamack, Song and Djourou. Come on, they’re all good players. Robin Van Persie – the icing on the cake.

Don’t bang on about injuries and what may happen, no one can forcast that. Presuming everyone stays reasonably fit, then we’ve got just as good a chance as any. Injuries befall all clubs, not just our own.

I’m convinced Wenger and the board will at last put their short arms into their long pockets and spend on replacements for players leaving and strengthen us where we are weak. Arsene is clearly not an idiot as some suggest. I know time’s running out, but let’s just wait and see, shall we?

I love football. I love The Arsenal. I love that feeling I get on a match day morning, the excitement coursing through my veins, the same feeling that I had as a child has not diminished. Not one bit. I love the journey to the ground, be it by car or by train, talking about The Arsenal. Having a few beers before the game, listening to the laughs, the stories, the banter and the bullshit. Reaching the ground and joining with thousands upon thousands of like-minded supporters, all there to watch the team, our team. This is what it’s all about. This is what it’s always been about. Win, lose or draw. We’ll be back.

Although, these days, some are not coming back. I suggest we should all think about why we started going in the first place.

I’ll be there at Newcastle, and you know what?

I can’t fucking wait.


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