Monday, August 29

Straight on Through

By @TheRSD

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It's been a long time since I felt so shit being an arsenal fan.

My thoughts went straight to losing at old Trafford in 95, after the game, which I was able to get over quite quick, because I knew that we were rubbish that season. The thing is now I know we’re not rubbish, even if the media and everyone are trying to make us believe we are. We have some real talent in the team and it just the absolute lack of confidence that has been running through the team for too long.

Too many kids you might say. (United same average age yesterday)

This is the most frustrating thing about it! It’s not like we’re played of the park yesterday the game was very open and we could have had much more respectable score line. Why coquelin was taken off god only knows.

Wengers actions on the side line or complete lack of them! Are the most worrying thing he used to looking enraged and be up shouting at the players, but no now he’s just sitting there with no idea what to do arms crossed like little boy lost.

I said before the summer I was looking forward for a new number two to come in and reinvigorate wenger but pat stayed for another year. Not that it’s pats fault, but, you just feel someone needs to shake wenger and wake him up, much like is needed for the whole team.


Those numbers will etched in memory for long time. Hitting me in the solar plexus each time they are mentioned. I hope it will be the same for the team but they can use it as a kick up the arse, which is so dearly needed.

There’s a lot of moaning and boo hooing going on, lots have lost their faith with wenger the board players who else can you blame. You feel even the players have lost faith with wenger and have left or are about to. What makes it worse that wengers competitors are coming out and defending wenger you know how far we are away from them, when they take pity on you.

The only thing we can take from this week is that thank god we beat udinese which was the most important game of the week.

Arsenal they can break you down to your lowest low but take you up to the highest high, i don’t why anyone would want to be football fan, it's curse I wouldn't wish on anyone.


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