Saturday, November 19

Daryls Sepp Rant

By Daryl

Good day,

Before I start, I feel I better apologise for not doing my own blog for months. My work and spare time has been somewhat busy. So, now I have dealt with that..

I got a DM from @TheRSD asking if I fancied doing a blog on Sepp Blatter I decided, why the fuck not.

Now, unless you are a fully paid up member of the EDL/BNP or Nick Griffin I would imagine you are, like the vast majority of the UK, roundly opening the hate guns on old Blatter.

And I don’t think I can add much more to the already well published/blogged viewpoint that Blatter is a man who is out of touch and should be replaced. So I won`t.

However, I will look a couple of other things around this topic.

Just what does Sepp have to do before he is sacked/forced to resign?

Here is ten things I think he could get away with..

1 Fuck a goat live on stage at the next FIFA meeting. Might cause a stir, but he’d release a statement along the lines of “It backed up onto me while I was dancing”

2 Sleep with a prostitute that turns out to be a he and not a she. Sepp would spin this into a “I love the gays” initiative. Even though, he wasn’t aware `she` was a he.

3 Get filmed snorting class A cocaine from a 14yr old boys arse cheeks. He would merely laugh this off as “A new grass roots programme”

4 Get caught masturbating in a public park. He’d simply sell it as a new `FIFA gets back to nature` promotion

5 Remark on camera “That gollywog chap Drogba is very big isn’t he, what tribe is he from” I reckon Blatter would merely say he was `getting down` with modern gang slang. He`d maybe even wear an Ali G get up to really sell it.

6 Get caught up in a corruption story of votes for bungs. He would…oh, he just did.

7 Go on record as saying that women are to stupid to be able to understand tactics in football. No problem, good old Blatter would merely play it as “We want to educate and raise awareness of football among new female fans”

8 Get filmed clubbing a baby seal to death with a car jack. Sepp would simply announce he is testing the strength of the FIFA motorcades tools to avoid lose of life on the road.

9 Filmed getting a poodle to lick marmite off his knob end. No worries. Blatter would merely point out he dropped the jar on his cock and hates wasting food given the third worlds food problems.

 And finally, 

10 Pull a gun live during the next FIFA world cup draw and shoot Zidane stone cold fucking dead. Old Sepp would just say he is stamping out violence in football, and the act was a new retrospective punishment system for that head butt in the world cup final in 2006.

For me, the most damning thing about Blatter, is that what he said was not in the context of a joke (not that it would excuse it), nor did he see what he had done wrong. He did not even think what he said would get that reaction (see BBC )

 The man is a fucking fool, but more of a concern is that, aside from mainly UK based players & David Beckham, no other `big name` European players seem to be jumping up to damn him. In fact, to my knowledge, only the English FA have dared to speak up with the rather flimsy limp response. (and I’ll gladly stand corrected)

This for me is more of a worry. In a world where Europe is an open area, it seems the inherent racism in parts of Europe are behind by decades what we have accomplished in the UK. And yes, even in the UK we have still got work to do (looks at Stamford Bridge)

Now, don’t get me wrong, the UK has its share of Blatters. But lets be honest, I cant hear any anti-Blatter comments coming from the usual suspects (Spain I’m looking at you and your fucking monkey chants)

And therein lies the problem. All the time other countries accept, ignore or tolerate the Sepp Blatters of this world, he will stay in power, and no progress will take place.

If the man is stupid enough to go on record with his comments over “hand shakes” then fuck knows what goes on in his fat fucking stupid head behind closed doors.

Well that’s enough from me. So I`ll leave you with a couple of pics.

Ta ta.


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