Monday, January 23

Keyboard Warriors

By @buxtongooner

I’ve become a bit angry of late. Odd, because I’m not an angry person.
 And what has been fueling this ire? The recent on pitch performances? The lack of spending? Not really. Can’t say I’m too happy with them, of course. No, what’s been really getting to me is the supporters.

 I’ve been on Twitter for coming up to a year. I’ve ‘met’ some good Arsenal people, proper supporters, funny people, interesting people, informed people and passionate people. I’ve been lucky enough on a few occasions to put faces to @names, have a drink, a chat - you know the drill.

 I’m telling you now, I’m pro-Wenger. If you’re anti, that’s fine, it’s your opinion and I respect it. But, look at this –

" All you cunts that think Wenger knows best need to fucking wake up.’

 This sumptuous little snippet appeared on Sunday on the back of the Man Utd defeat but more specifically about one substitution, and you know which one I’m on about.

And this is just the tip of a fucking horrible iceberg. Twitter, to me, seems quite fairly split between pro and anti Wenger. I don’t unfollow people because I don’t agree with them, I choose sometimes to engage in debates and banter, we’ve all got a point of view. It’s sometimes frustrating, sometimes maddening, but it’s generally enjoyable, often funny, and healthy.

I don’t generalise and call people cunts, though. I’m not that stupid that I don’t realise our club is in a bad way at the moment. I don’t think having our most creative and talented midfielder, along with four full backs out injured is helping our cause, either. I also think that some of Wenger’s purchases have been way short of what was required, and the dithering in the summer? Don’t get me started.

Sack him. Get someone else in. Ok. Who? It’s been asked before, but really, who? You can name names, but do you really think given the budget we assume Wenger has to work under that someone of Mourinho’s ilk is going to take the job? Because that’s the level of manager we should be looking at if we are to replace Wenger.

The boos at The Emirates? The reported in-fighting? Is this what it’s coming to? It’s not the Arsenal I know, the classy club that I love.

I think some of the abuse that’s being given out because of differing opinions is out of order. Some of the abuse that’s being hurled at our manager is spiteful and disrespectful, and surely unhelpful when our support is needed the most.

It’s just opinions. I have mine and you have yours, but let’s not all fall out about it. Disagree all you want, it’s always been that way and it always will, but please –

 Don’t call me a cunt



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