Thursday, February 2

The Arsenal Handbook to surviving 11/12

By @TheRSD

  • We're only 3 points off safety 

  • Avoid twitter on match days especially after an away draw it’s as bad as 2-8 

  •  Texts from spers mates saying mind the gap, can be dealt with, 2 titles in 130 years, Mind the Gap! 

  •  Don’t bother with league table till May, it's not worth it 

  • Reduce SFD "Seasonal Furniture Damage" by removing the coffee table maybe replace with a cardboard box, ( softer and has a better flight) 

  • Don’t believe anything wenger says in a presser 

  • Remember 8th is the new 4th 

  • If we make Europa league, the Ukraine is in Europe, I hear it quite nice in the fall 

  • Less games will be on the telly, loads of 3 o’clock kick offs 

  • it’s never as good as it seems and it’s never as bad as it seems, so chin up and take it like a gooner 

“There aren’t many football clubs around where both young and old have lived through the good times.” - Nick Hornby 

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