Sunday, January 10

Finally the game in hand talk is Over.

Everton Match Report + after thoughts

Well at least on the Chels.

Thanks to the Coldest weather for 15 years we managed to get a extra game in.
All thanks to the staff at ashburton for being up at the crack with blow touches.

To the game well was f-ing slow start maybe due to the weather.
Verm went down early in a collision didn't look like he even got touched but got up eventually. Thought he got a snow flake in his eye at the time.
Due to his time coming on and off the pitch (dumb rule) Everton seem too steal the early momentum.
Mostly down their right flank (Armand Traore not his best game, gave the ball away a few times under no pressure but can still he can cross a ball unlike some full backs).
Eventually they won a corner or two, Donovan (who looked pretty good all game prob cos it was his first game and has been talk about this is why he came to prem, just too play us) swung the ball in and Osman came from deep and stole a jump on everyone.
One Down.
To be honest it had been coming, Saha had the ball almost in the back of the net but Almunia great double save stopped it was offside tho. (the only good thing Almunia did all game.)
After this we rallied and the midfield looked good as a unit we started to work hard for each other to make space, but lacking anyone with really pace and width we struggled.
Eventually as everton tired we got closer gallas had a half chance then Andrey and Eddy did bit of magic and found some space for Denilson he had a pop and 1-1.

Everton dug in a bit more and then half time came.

Second half we started slow again but we managed to keep the ball well but cant think of anything that magical
rosicky came on, we had a few cross that where lost in there box but, too be honest not much happening we were maybe pressing hard for the win and got caught on the break 1-2. Next denison dropped like a sack of spuds in center circle and everton almost went 1-3.
We started to turn the screw and thankfully the board came up with 5 mins and rosicky fired home.

Thoughts from the game.

still lacks confidence
one horrid throw out that almost put sagna on the injury list.
Also seems to try and get crosses to much.
Could this be down to Verm and gallas partnership? He didn't look so bad last season.


Game that makes me think that i'm glad Gael "The Hurricane" Clichy is back in training. Hopefully he practicing Crossing.

Midfield as collective worked hard and managed to find space but we really need some pace and width. Vela or walcott need to come good. but i couldn't pick out one today for special praise.
Everyone had small glimpses of quality but nothing major.

eddy and andrey in good form and managed to get a few half hearted pen shouts.

At the end of the day it was a point won and put us 3 behind the leaders.
And no game in hand YES another point in bag


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