Tuesday, January 12

Frezzing Tempetures and Teams Huddling Up and the So called "Ashavins Miracle"

Due To Bad weather which looks set to last.

The League table suddenly look very competitive.

With Man S*ity playing there game in hand and winning.
Does make you look down the league for once and see who is chasing.

With Tevez in unplayable form 10 goals in SEVEN games.
All his talk of him quitting football at the end of the season
cos he's lost his love of the game must be far flung.

So S*ity are just 4 points of us in 4th and "the other north london club" a  point behind in 5th.

Does mean the 4 way battle for fourth,
is looking intresting this year
and is nice to have some breathing space
so we can watch it.

And relegation battle is real tight as we with 3 points 13th-19th place

Anyway back to The Arsenal
Story today do the rounds
about so called "Miracle" we need
to Win the league
what apparently he said was
would be a miracle if we could have fully fit first 11
It must be a slow week for the hacks on Fleet Street.
Lack of football and all that pressure for content.

I think if you look back over the 6 months the Squad has proved to have incredible depth

look 3rd choice left back he has been impressive Traore.

Mannone 3rd choice keep came and 8 starts 3 clean sheets be only 22 that ain't half bad for a rookie keeper a european super club.

When bendtner is back
we'll the bench will start looking very strong again.
like it did in end of october.

Just shows you that modern football is not about the 11 players but a squad 30.

Also i see we have a double header gainst bolton now
first leg away and second at home
Always fun.

least we've had a extra week get physio table cleared.
Just to let kevin "elbows" davies losse on them.


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