Wednesday, February 17

Brazil who? A Hungarian Rhapsody

Most people think the best brand of football is "the brazil way"
And the 4th goal in 1970 world cup final
was the greatest goal every scored (in a world cup)

but there was another team out there
who were the greatest &
who's record is outstanding
"the Magnificent Magyars"
the people who brought us the 424
which re-invented football
in post war era
(the end of the WM formation)
which brazil adopted
and later turned in to "total football"
adopted by the great ajax team

The Magyars
managed a remarkable record
43 victories, 7 ties, and no defeats
from the 14th of May 1950
to February 19th 1956
yet it was only 33 games
this was only blighted with the unjust lose
to germany in '54 world cup final
Named by the germans as "The Miracle of Bern"
Due to hungary taking a 2-0 lead and then losing 2-3
hungary where hard done by
having a goal disallowed in closing seconds
by the way onside dont bother watching the post match
F-ing Germans

Is this the philosophy Wenger and Boro have adapted for the modern game?
You would think so Boro be a Yugoslav
It's close enough.
A slow news day.

For those of you who dont know Boro our first team coach
These two partners in crime got acquainted
while they were rival managers in the French league 1993
Wenger at Monaco and Primorac at Valenciennes
but their bond was secured by the match-fixing scandal
that resulted in the jailing of Bernard Tapie, the Marseille president.
Primorac's evidence was critical in bringing Tapie to justice
and Wenger was impressed enough by the Bosnian's courage and integrity to offer him a coaching job after moving to Grampus Eight in Japan in 1994.

According to Bob Wilson
"Boro is an encyclopaedia of world football,"
"Name a player and he'll know his height, weight and which foot he favours. He watches tape after tape on football, channel after channel. He's Arsene's ally and they share the belief that the three most important things in the game are technique, technique and technique."
The Hungary fans had too wait 5 years after turning red for a trophy
Olympic Gold in '52
The Omens are there for The Arsenal
Premiership Gold 2010



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