Tuesday, February 16

The champions!

Back to what wednesday nights
are supposed to be about
(let all laugh at dippers playing on thursday hahahhaha)

Ce sont les meilleure equipes
Es sind sie allerbesten mannschaften
The main event
Die meister
Die besten
Les grande equips
The champions!

 Porto are very different and not even in top 2 of there league
Also hulk has been suspened from there league since xmas
violent scuffle in the players' tunnel with stewards after benfica match

so thats there main attacking threat not match fit.
More over looking back at there big games
against benfica,  braga and chels
altho they have been tight 1-0
they have lost them all

There recent results have been good
so we can't take this one for granted
chels have and manu have gone to the Dragão
and beaten them so we can
last years loss
was'a pretty inexperienced side




And this also started
a horried run of draws for us
but thats another story.

Back to porto
with hulk being suspened
there other strikers have come in to play
their number 9 Radamel Falcao
with six goals in his last 4
and 14 this season from 17 games
so is much about keeping
the argy out the bargy

and their number 17
and Varela three in last two
and eight from 13  games this season.
These will be the two to watch out for.

Over the weekend
they have 1st choice team out minus hulk
their away so that good
their playing leixoes who are near bottom
so also good
Yet leixoes seem a strong team
as have only lost twice at home all season

They play a 433
so expect a tatical battle
expect ramsey and diaby to play defensive
(altho Mr stats "denilson" will prob be wenger's choice) 
and fab to push up too bendtner
much like in the dippers game

the eastmond suprise
was pulled out of the reserve team late last night 
so expect him to travel whether he will play??????

AA out so hopefully eddy is back
lets hope he's gone out and brought a new pair of boots
cos the ones before his injury wont working.
Althought he did a lot of work for the team
would be nice for him to score a few.

team squad off too sunny algarve

Arsenal squad:
Lukasz Fabianski
Vito Mannone
Nicklas Bendtner
Carlos Vela
Theo Walcott
Samir Nasri
Aaron Ramsey
Tomas Rosicky
Abou Diaby
Cesc Fabregas
Gael Clichy
Thomas Vermaelen
Emmanuel Eboue
Mikael Silvestre
Sol Campbell
Armand Traore
Bacary Sagna

RSD pick
eboue Sol TV The Hurricane
         ramsey diaby
     sicky cesc nasri

Ce sont les meilleure equipes
Es sind sie allerbesten mannschaften
The main event
Die meister
Die besten
Les grande equips
The champions!
Une grande reunion
Eine grosse sportliche veranstaltung
The main event
Ils sont les meilleurs
Sie sind die besten
These are the champions
Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes equipes
The champions!


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