Wednesday, February 17


Two Stonewallers
One Unbelievable Decision
Robbed us of what should have been a 1-3 Win

Game started at a hell of a pace
and was end to end
due to the unchampions league like defending from both teams
we both dropped back and giving each other space.

Denilson made a statement of intent early on
with a crunching tackle.

Varela  fonding the space early on on the right 
and was running clichy ragged
I hate it when im right.
this continued all evening 
Nasri and clichy found it hard to contain him
and after 10 mins Varela let off a cross which stunk up my living room
Was a 'orride one for fabianski to deal with right in the corridor of uncertainy
and it deflected of him in to the goal
to be honest you have to blame him why did dive left????
but i guess these champions league balls are like volley balls
his positioning if the ball had come in to the one of their attackers was spot on

Before the goal porto had much of the first few chances 
the hulk running at us was causing some of us problems
till he ran in to Sol and the hulk quickly turn back in to david banner

We started to come alive as porto eased off 
and lot of pretty angles were being made
Bendtner went close and Cesc
From the resulting corner Sol and TV went up
and Cesc Swings it in to the near post
TV get the flick Sicky waiting at the back post
and does the clever thing and play it back across
And Sol has held his postion in centre of six yard box
SOL we are back in it. 
The crucial away goal.

Double Double Double 
Sol has won the Double

We then had are tails up and for the next ten minutes
it looked like there was only one winner
but the pace of porto brought them back in to the game

After his earlier disappointment
Fabianski now looked solid in goal and was catching everything 
and pulled out some world class saves to Varela

The game selted down in to a familier fashion of 
You attack We attack
and bendtner went close with his head
still trying to find the goal need him to step up
we need goals from somewhere

Porto obviously had a game plan of lets kill Cesc 
or piss him off enough so he'll get a yellow 
and miss the next game
he'll have so bruises come the moron
fernando being the main culprit
one even had Pat Rice jump and speak
didn't know he could do that

These leads to almost handbags at half time
and you can see why porto have two players suspended in league

Second half i thought our conditioning
Would see us take control of the game
as Porto couldn't keep that pass up all game
didn't take long for me to throw the remote across the room
a beauty of run from Sicky and was brought down in the box
stonewaller if ever you seen one and just waves it away
dont know what the lineo doing either
could the ref have been any further away
the sooner we get video replay's in this game the sooner
we'll have justice and lot less to talk about after the game
but we dont get pens since celtic do we
lets hope everything evens up over the rest of season.
so that would mean a pen every game

When Porto's next attack was broken up
as miss layed pass which Sol was shepherding back to Fabianski
and then the ref runs up and gives a pass back
not helped by Ruben trying to con him
or Sols dummy
Sol obviously dont speak polish or swedish

The swedish ref gave the freekick 
and held his arm up in the air after they took it
and falcao had a tap in as no one had even reacted
they couldn't even believe what the ref had given
and would be nice if the ref actual told us he was restarting play before porto scored
The misses is swedish so i have to say sorry
on behalf of them for what they have done to us and ireland 
and for flat packed furniture
and am now glad they aint at the world cup

Nor could wenger had like a five minute talk to the ref before the restart
I hope we ask for full investigation from the Uefa

After the goal we looked
completely deflated
Sicky was replaced by theo
he still cant complete 70 sicky 
really cant wait till he can play a bit more

Theo came on and did his usual 
Cul De Sacs
when will he look where he's going
see that big green stuff theo
it called space now run in to it
how hard is it (maybe alot with alves & silvestre breathing down your neck)
since he did that nike ad
"pace isn't enough"
thats just about sums him up
when will he turn up
and be the player we all want him to be
at the moment he's as meek as a maiden
Least ITV still think he's The Great Hope.
my faith in the boy is just going
how many chances?
saying that in the final stages he found space on left
and i thought he was gona do a mazey run and score.
but no.

Vela came on for bendtner a predictable change
bendtner had been shrinking in stature through out second half
he work hard for the team and came close a few times

Vela came and injected a bit of life direct running and decent crossing
he works well with clichy down the left
he could & should have had pen when brought down in area but lino wasn't looking

eboue came on for nasri who has a ok game
he is very consistent i'll give him that
eboue help run down a tired legs
causing late pressure in dying mins caused a few saves
and have no idea why diaby didn't shot when the ball sprayed out to him.

FT 2-1
Least we have the away goal
and we should be able to beat them at The Grove
remember 4-0 last year



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