Friday, February 19

Grow A Pair

The premier league really disiplinary panel have got this one wrong
How can you fine a team for fielding a understrength team only 25k
If Man Utd win the prem by anything less than 3 points grrrr
Even the prize money for second is 750k less than top spot
(based on last years prizes)

To add insult to injury wolves then won to burnley 2-0
If wolves would have lost this game the revised table would put them on 21 points
thats just above pompey

know i do have a special place in me heart for the gold of old
flying the flag in europe
stopping forest from doing the double
almost ruining spurs picking up the uefa cup
thankfully there still a thorn in spurs side
wolves first win since burnely
"next year, spurs"
(was on their website the otherday
and they've even got future plans as a button lol)

future sponsor

you could argue that E16 should be brought in to place
(16. The Board shall have power to order that a League Match be replayed provided that a
recommendation to that effect has been made by a Commission in exercise of its powers
under Rule R.48.)

for both games burnely and utd
but there is obviously a question you our being unfair,
utd have done nothing wrong (apart from picking 3 very easy points)
tho im sure burnely would love to do this.

Surely a points deduction for them is the answer
but sadly the league dont have the balls to do this.
boro being the only person to
feel the full force of a full operational Premier League
and this when they did have any enough registered fit player to take the field.
not like wolves oh we cant be bothered
(yet they did put up a fight with utd for the first half)
I feel that the league is just run by the major sponsors
Scudamore & Sir Richard are just salesmen try to get more TV money.

I know most you will say but wenger does this all the time champions league
blah blah blah yackety shmackety
Olympiacos would qualified even if they had lost
whether we beat liverpool due to having a rested team is a different question.
why they didn't in their dead rubber is odd. (mad rafa)


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