Saturday, February 20

Black Cats the Number 13

So Sunderland Today
For those of you who want the stats
Sunderland haven’t won for 13 games
The last time they won
At home to Us

Although they have had an average run in feb
3 draws to 3 bottom half team
January was a bad month for them
Two top half teams both flying at the time
2-7 loss to the pensioners
But if you look at the injury list
Going in to the game Sunderland had no centre halves
So no surprise for the schoolboy errors

Injury news for them is
Reid & Malbranque are apparently out
Richardson & Ferdinand faces a late test
And Cattermole is banned

For Us
Diaby is the only loss from Wednesday
Apparently he woke up with it on Thursday
So has to be Grade 1
So a couple of weeks at least
Those Iberia plane seats must still have no legroom.

We should hear about
Almunia, Big Gay Sol and Song’s fitness pre game
The only one I’m worried about is Sol
Let hope he’s fit
Positive energy people

One’s to watch out for if you didn’t know Cana
Hopefully Capt FAB will get a bit more protection from the ref
Than on wednesday
Why we didn’t sign this guy only wenger knows

And with Jones up front
Will be a handful

Can we build on our last premier league game you would hope so
People might be a bit gutted from Wednesday
But expect us to bounce back
Today will be about breaking them down

They have been awful away from home one win all season
And with only 13 goals on there away travel’s
You would have thought that would be a easy
But lets not underestimate them,
We did that last time, when we were on a hot run of form and ended up losers
I think the team will want to make amends for what happened on Wednesday

Sunderland look as they don’t have much pace with
Richardson, Malbranque & Reid out
they are all on there day quality
Hopefully richardson will only make bench if that

So expect a lot of pretty stuff from us
If we’ll get the early goal
Should settle in to enjoyable game
And I can enjoy me Caucasian in peas

Side note's

As for rumour of Cesc going
Laporta Says No

"He is not a temptation.We are developing a policy for our youth players so they make the first team"
Wenger wacks the play offs out the park
Talking sense as always
Wenger says there's no point in setting up play off system
Cos we cant guarantee there will be a fourth champions league spot.
It if our teams dont do well in europe our uefa coefficient goes down
if seventh wins the play off do really think they will make it past august in champions league.
eeeeeeerrrrrrrr no
scotland have just found this out

also wenger says ref was incompetent or corrupt on wed
he rule checked the media on that 2nd goal
apparently a quick freekick can only be taken if
the ref hasn’t walked over and given a point where it must be taken from.
luckily wenger didn’t zee henry’s freekick v the pensioners and villa on youtube.

Finally have to say during the whole press conference there is a perpetual loud thudding sound
One can only think one thing is the lads were bombarding the press room at colney.
Just to show that spirits are high.

For those of you off too the Grove
Enjoy it


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