Sunday, February 21

6 from 2, 33 more please.

I for one wasn't surprised by the line up today
Eboue has been pushing for a start since he coming back from ACN
And wenger does like to make these changes on home games
Ramsey came in for denilson in midfield
Theo came in for Sicky
and Silvestre came in for Sol
he cant do 2 games in 4 day is a big ask for him
especially at that sort of speed
Was nice that the loudest cheer was after
FABIANSKI came on the tannoy
we hope that helps his confidence.

To the game then
the game was paid a pedestrian pace
maybe because the game we watched on wed was supersonic
like when you come off the motorway
What bruce was doing play anton in midfield made me wonder
sunderland set up a defensive 433 to match us (451)
but they weren't a match for us

Anyway the game started how i like it too
A crunching challenge from Ramsey
This started an attack, which fizzled out
We got in to a routine of attacking breaking down and coming again
looked like one of those games
either score loads or wait all game for one

The game plan was to use theos pace
and finally he has worked out what grass is for
Running in to
so he's progressing
he learn how to defend against the pensioners
yet still he is making the wrong decisions in the final 3rd
but that will come
a few more weeks till he's at his best
i remember saying the same about diaby before xmas

Theo got in down the right
Lovely pass by eboue
all he had to do was out pace the defender
the ball flicked out wide while going past the defender
then nasri was running in for the cut back
theo looked at him and then chose to go himself.

Then bendtner missed a sitter
nasri had done some good work down the left
and a cross came in
bendtner took it down but chance fell on his left
he went for power and was blocked
and then hit the bar.

We where starting to get going
Eboue especially so glad wenger is playing in his position again
he just get more opportunity to attack space

A few attacks happened were everyone want to be the hero
and weren't looking for people in space.
I was thinking at the time this is gona be one of those days
wishing we had an in form striker on the pitch.

Then eboue made another run from deep this time more goal wards
took on the whole of the makems defence
who all started ball watching and then put the ball across to far post
and The Dane tapped it in.

Yes 1-0
Marmaduke duke, marmaduke duke

The ref gave us a helping hand a couple of times
a very helpful deflection
song lost the ball in midfield
and then cana did a one two off the ref
and he wasn't ready for it so song manage to nab it back

The Makems started to get aggressive to stop us
and it was eboue who took the full brunt of it
Cana with a two-footed lunge
could have been red
bruce was trying to get him to carm down for rest of the half

With this new found aggression the makems
made some of the first attacks i remember
a ball in behind our defence
but Jones looks so paceless even Silvestre out run him
how slow must he be

He got in again not long after this time he made to almunia
but good keeping by almunia he ran out made himself big
and made jones rush the chance
very schmeichel-esk

the nasty challenges kept on coming
and bruce was now having trouble with whole team not just cana

A couple other scares at the end of second
but nothing to memorable

Half time thought

Ramsey also showed why wenger rates him so highly
I bet Cappello wishes he was english
was a class act

Second half
straight back in to it both us and makems
us attacking makems fouling
free kick and TV goes close

Walcott shows the good and the ugly
all in two minutes
Ramsey goes on a mazy run
runs out of space the lays off theo
and theo whacks it in to the stand. Ugly
But then he get the ball at on the half way line and they let him run at the defence
he shots and low and hard and gordon makes a Good save.

Was pedestrian again for the next ten minutes or so
our attacks not really having any cutting edge

The makems trying to play us on the counter but they are pace less.
when they did get in once richardson went in for like 90-10 with almunia
and tried to break some more fingers naughty
I thought clichy was gona nut him.

Eboue then went close with a run in to the box but was to congested
and a near post shot was all he could muster
could have been two.

Theo won a freekick centrally
Could have had two
fab and tv stand over the ball
What a left foot TV has.
So nearly a great one what power
Just needed to be more in the corner

the chances were coming
but still no goals
talk about squeaky bum
bent has a chance
mono i mono with almunia
but Almunia makes himself big again
well done son.

We had a few chances
and thought we were never
gona get a second

Sicky came on for nasri
Nasri had a good game
should have had a goal
really was at his best
looks like he's get back to last years form
was chatting with the guys that he was due a very good one but he's always good.

Sanga came on for theo
and eboue moved up
this ended all the good he was doing
he really not a midfielder
needs space to attack.

Line-o then broke a nail on far side
Just love line-o's such girls lol
the defender didn't even touch him.

Ramsey was really taking this chance
back heel ramsey
my god i can count like 6 or 7
without having to think about it

Was just about waiting for the clock to run down
was think of the 1-0 win at the time
had had a new British rail hair cut before match
so was think it would be sods law a 1-0 scoreline.

Bendtner got hacked down in front the box
but bennett played on
was moaning prematch it was him.

A long ball in to jones
and TV tripped on his laces
must be the new red ones
the club are selling

Bennett gives the freekick twat
was thinking we had lost the chance to go within two of utd
thankfully bendtner was in the wall and zenden couldn't get it past
good to see him complete 90 mins

Denilson came on for eboue
he deserved the applauses

And then some amazing work by the boys to win the ball in midfield
song clichy ramsey tomey and denilson all giving the makems no chance to have the 50/50's
and then we catch them on the break fab goes down on edge of area.
And what would you know a penalty
I'd forgotten where the spot was.
our second since august
can you believe that
fab steps up in the corner
thank god as was pretty soft
2-0 and good night

Great all round team performance.
Eboue ramsey of special note.



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