Monday, February 22

Toffee Anyone?

So i was doing my usual sunday reading in bed
when came across moyes and his boys
and this wenger off to real
And it got me thinking

With limited budget
he's managed to keep everscum up in the stop six most season's
the last two season top of the league without the champions league teams
He has a great youth policy
At the moment
Osman has established himself as top player
Vaughan is establishing himself inthe team
Gosling same as vaughan
Lets not forget Wazza

Can spot a player
Donovan (loan),
Arteta (6mil),
Cahill (1.5mil),
Pienaar (2mil),
Fellaini (12mil)
and jagielka (4mil)

So that 25 mil on six players
and you wouldn't mind any of them in your squad
would ya?

Tactically astute

this season
they have had a slow start yes
lescott debacle fucked up their pre season
and probably ruined morale.

But he has beat fergie on weekend 3-1
ancelloti 2-1
mancini 2-0
is in the last 32 of europa league
and is taking 2-1 lead too sporting

his teams have
A high  workrate,
a desire to play
a desire to tackle,
the desire to run that extra yard even

If wenger does rethink the offer from last summer
or decide he wont renew
maybe moyes is our man

He knows how to play the under dog which is
The Arsenal


Steve the Gooner said...

I like Moyes a lot he does not have to prove himself to anyone and would be a great successor to Wenger at The Arsenal, unfortunately since David Dean departed for whatever reason The Arsenal have not been especially pro-active and I don't see that changing in the imminent future, Moyes will succeed the clock watcher at Old Trafford (Scum United)!

Real Social Dad said...

but fergie dont look like he's calling time yet
and wenger only has one year left if he dont sign.
Maybe we could get in there before utd we have a liking for scotts as we're a scottish club in london?

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