Wednesday, February 24

The FIFAxe is getting sharper

So with pompey going in to admin come friday
This will draw more attention to premier league
With a new uefa report says
"English clubs contain on their balance sheets
an estimated 56% of Europe-wide commercial debt"
So thats mostly manu

 Michel Platini Says
 "increasingly clear warning signs"
I know you might say "well we're alwight"
But if utd, chels, shitty and the dippers 
all get banned from europe or go tits up.

a. Do really want to fight villa and the scum for the title?

b. If these clubs aren't allowed to compete in europe
how long will the premier league look desirable to foriegn players?

Tho we cant afford anyone worth over a pound
if they are worth anything they have to work for tupence.
So we'll never buy anyone anyway.

Thankfully pompey have chosen section 11
instead of closing down
well aleast for a while
means they will last the season
so no 6 points loss to us.

just a quick one today.


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