Thursday, February 11

A New Dawn

Night is always darkest
just before the Dawn
And what a sunrise

So now just six points off the top
that will get the hacks confused

As for the game
took a while for the team to warm up
was cold in london last night
sleet and yuk

The game didn't really get going
till AA and the Dane started to link up
His first shot in anger in a while
Sliced over the bar
Much like me at the driving range

The game opened up a bit at the end of first
and we almost got caught on the counter 
to be honest "not again" almost came out
but thanks to a team effort it was tidied up

Webb's was blowing for every challenge we made
a dipper in disguise
I did like the way Cesc
has taken it upon himself
to ensure all freekicks are taken
on the exact blade of grass where the challange was made
think this is due to playing chels and mancs CHEATS
AA got in on the act as well
Must have been a team talk

Nasri was feeling a bit sick
due to a head collision
So tommy came on
which made me happy
bugger knows why he aint starting
prob cos he's got a hammy like a kleenex
and cant face more than 90 mins a week.
He didn't really get going till the second half much like us

We started brightly in the 2nd half
Diaby was strong as ever lots of turnover & good use
But as we started to hunt down that goal
it left us leaving space
and the dippers started to break on us
And almost did score
what a challenge by our number 10
That deserved a 5 year contract not just 2.
Sign him up 
Sign him up

Clichy had one moment of madness
when he tried to play out
when being doubled up on
but apart from that
The Gael Force "the hurricane" is back

This lit the torch paper for us
as now they thought they could see a goal
and we started finding space
helped by the fact carragher came off
(even tho jamie is the record goal scorer against the dippers)
was good to see him with a mouthfull of blood

I had Tommy down for a brace
in the second half
and it just got away form him

AA was just sheer genius out there
he can even tackle now
we can only hope it a slight hammy
and will be back for the Mackems

Then a 9.9 dive from The Dane
cant blame him tho
 just come back from injury
and he entiled to jump out of a challenge
and if he wins a pen good on him.
but we dont get pens anymore since celtic game.

Then Tommy had let rip a thunderbolt
but it went wide
no brace from him tonight

Then diaby gets the ball in our half
lays off to cesc to the dane off a dipper
and back to the dane to tommy inch perfect
and diaby has sprinted into the box
while the dippers r pushing out
The Run starts
Wenger does a little gig.
Get IN

Almunia then pulls off a save
that shows he top quality
and that he's shouldn't be the goat anymore
he had a great game
there was a punch in the first half
it was so hard i think the ball ended up the car park.

Was a bit of squeaky bum time after that
as the dippers tried everything to get back into the game

On a break TV ran
the length of the pitch to get a second goal
but i didn't come off.
TV so fast, he can run around the world
and punch himself in the back of the head.

Then Theo shows why he need alot more games
trying to run down clock and he crosses to Reina
from the corner flag

Gerrard such a diving CHEAT
eventually in the 93rd min
Webb gives them a freekick
Cesc takes his freekick duties seriously
and the clock winds down
And im sure he was just protecting his face
thats H for handball LOL

And the result came in
and got it better and better

just like the invincible year
when we beat the dippers 
after losing to chels and
Marched on to the title

1-0 Till The Arsenal
Its evenings like that
when your happy you've done you bit
Never Stop Believing


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