Sunday, February 14

One for the ladies

Fuck Valentines on the 14th...It's PANCAKE DAY on The 16th!
Also will finally get news on song on tues
grade 1, 2?
lets hope it 0.1 much
like me hair.

with all the FA cup fixture going all wrong on sat
man shity drawing to stoke means
they will play in week before chels game
chels also have to play in this week away to inter
but would have preferred shity to be rested.
think i might have cheeky one on stoke this year

guess we have to blame wenger for the weekend off
but team does need a rest
especially after such a run of games

plus last time we won the cup was a drab final
tho you might say in history will go down as a trophy
but i my mind it goes down as the day
we gave up playing a did a bolton.

Watching porto 0-0 at mo
they have 1st choice team out
minus hulk he's been suspended since xmas
something to do with benfica match????????
their away so that good
their playing leixoes who are near bottom
so also good
yet leixoes seem a strong team
as have only lost twice at home all season
more in match preview

So transfer gossip is rife this weekend
prob cos the hacks on fleet must fill the space
personally i dont really like to say much till they’re here
the new ade 
oh no thought we are missing the line-o's flag this year.

As for the rumours on Cesc jnr & snr
all i can say is how many times does the capt have to say it
again in nuts this week

But i dont think the barca fans want him anyway
apparently Cecs is bad luck

Since the bootlicking Barca-centric press 
started nattering on about this Fabregas thing being a done deal, 

Bad news is the quotes from out of the players
sounded the same as when helb and flamoney left
"if we can just all stay together"
blah blah blah  
Im sure the arsenal press team has a script 
the give to players for external interviews.

a hack with a brain
it aint all about spend spend spend

in unarsenal news 
looks so good
think i might go blind


for you guys and girls
off to the algarve for the week
embora os rapazes
lucky bastards


Anonymous said...

BOO, see I do read, and now I have commented...


Real Social Dad said...

sorry we take no anoms

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