Monday, February 15

Wild Stallion & the 39th Game

Talk about closing the door after the horse has bolted

So digging through the papers on the moron
came through a couple o articles that are of interest

firstly the goverment have decided
The mooted plan for English football that emerged this weekend is for a state-run regulator, similar to the ones who currently oversee the communications industries and privatised utilities, who would effectively run the game under licence.

Seems as the the Manc supporters club have had there voices heard
maybe to little to late
PFA chief Gordon Taylor does not expect the plan to succeed

More over wigan are now talking to premier league
that clubs should not be allowed to borrow sums
that represent more than 25 per cent of their annual turnover.

Good on them you have to say
with what been happening in the past decade
there will be no one left to play soon

One story of real interest is the piece in grundian
i always thought the play offs in championship
was a great climax to the season
maybe this would be a way of doing the 39th game

Is a little unfair if you just miss third
ie lasagna gate  lol
maybe there has to be a certain rule
you cant have play off if you lose third by goal difference
or such and such a margin

Im sure there are many other kinks to be ironed out.
but would be interesting.

match preview tomorrow



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This blog is quite funny keep it up

Real Social Dad said...

we aim to please

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