Sunday, March 7

Not Pink But Yellow Booties Seal It

The Usual suspects started
was a real home team line up before a european midweek game
all the 50/50's ready for in reserve
What a squad Wenger has brought together
without many of us even realising
Even the loanees are destroying teams
aresnal scored 7 yesterday
Two from JET
Simpson  got one too
One from Big Jack nice finish
If only Niki could have done that

So to the game
The Boys came out with Aaron shirts is a nice touch
Amazing that all the flags got printed up in week
Game started much as it would continue
Missed chances
First fell to Cesc a 1-2 with Nik
just got away from him
and was closed out by the defender
then bendtner got in
it just wouldn't sit down for him,
over the bar it went

Theo was finding acres of space
thanks to burnleys game plan of
Nine men the width of the box
this was working really
as everything we did was cut out
or lead to less than half chance

burnely came in to the game slowly
but not alot

Sicky was making some good runs
using the ball well
Cesc started complain about a tight hammy to colin
diaby warmed up
Nasri played a 1-2 with Cesc
and had a 50/50 with jensen
good work by the defender to push him off really
jarred his knee on the way down
but he got up played on luckily
Two minutes he repayed cesc the complement
was due to an out ball to theo everyone caught up
some nice triangles
then nasri decided to chip the ball over the nine man defence
cesc was the most alert megged the keeper


The Cesc cameo lasted a few more minutes
he really is able to turn games in just a couple of minutes

Diaby came on
A sitter for Niki missed


The Nasri show starts
Theo started to find more space
as fox was pushing in and up
teeing up niki with almost every cross
he really is improving every game
still not the finished article tho
but he's got the crossing down
so another sitter missed by niki
was a touching moment when the crowd
started singing his name and he turned and bowed thai style to supporters
he did everything but score
just wouldn't go in for him today
hopefully he's saving them for tuesday night
and we'll see tho's pink shooting bootie's

Clichy crossed the ball across slightly over hit
but theo is having one of those games
everything he does is right
he manages to knock it back
niki is a bit slow to react
technique all wrong
and over the bar it goes
from 3 yards
should have left it for Sicky

then when you miss so many chances
your bound to give one to the oppo and get punished
a half clearance gets headed back to find nugent in space


thankfully nasri was finding space and able to find theo at will
and eventually he gave up teeing up nick
and curled it from the edge of the box
left footed as well


AA came on for sicky (mr sixty minutes)
and continued the theme of the day "over the bar"
Niki misses again
and again
finally Dudu replaces him and Niki gets a standing ovation
dudu misses one
we stopped really going for it
and burnley tried to nick the equaliser
just to strain our nerves
as the arsenal like to
in injury time we get a corner
some mistakes by burnley let Andrey in
him puts his foot through this one
Must be the yellow booties


alot hard than we expected
but another three

special mention to clichy
just love him
defending crossing the hurricane
reap the whirlwind



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