Tuesday, March 9

Spaghetti carbonara please!

So being with out Cesc will work to our advantage
Will disrupt porto's game plan
now they will not know which player to kick to death

Nasri hopefully can continue form from saturday
would think diaby will come in again
and songs back
he was hugely missed last time we played them
he'll protect Sol and TV from "david blanner"

i would like Rosixty to play tracks back better than Andrey
but with him playing 120 minutes last week
so would think he'd be on the bench
But the little russian knows where the goal is
and is selfish which is what we need a few goals please  

Clichy needs some help covering Varela
but the hurricane is back
compared to the gust he was at a few weeks ago

Porto have been in bad league form since we played them
they lost the weekend before last to lisbon
and then drew to a lower league team on weekend
they did try and rest some but Varela had to come on

I hope they play the same way as in porto
and leave lots of space behind
with theo being at home
he'll eat up that grass like spaghetti carbonara
the way he played last on weekend
tho he has got bruno alves to get past this time
and he's a bit better than Fox

Would think sanga will come in
as theo will not track back
and he's better the defender than eboue

Lets put a few past them like in groups last season.
If we can take our chances we should have more than enough to go through



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