Friday, March 12

Park Life

Back to reality of prem
another three needed for our ultimate prize
up next is our least favourite club


With Phil (orange ****) and brain (lying ******)
they really do make you want to hate them with a passion
phil was the defencive mastermind behind fat sam
and is the reason we had such a bad record v bolton

The stats

they are coming of the back of three away trips
all in failure
yet there last two home games
they took the scalp of shitty
and a point from the pensioners

So it's not one to be taken lightly
as any game in the prem
every three has to be hard earned

Injuries to rosixty and sanga
from tuesday can be accommodated
Sol is also a doubt this one cannot
away from home I have less faith in silvestre
lets hope he proves me wrong
Rosixty will be missed
but with attacking options of theo, dudu
even vela we can cope

one's to watch 

Myhill another good keeps saved a pen last weekend

Bullard made his come back last weekend
has a shot on him
and good old engine
plus he's a good angler

Geovanni is also on the come back trail

Hopefully hunt is a doubt
he was gobby little twat at the grove
and sure nasri will remember

Their defence has suffered the lose of turner this year
and his sale could be the reason they are in the position they're in
not too mention the loss of windass

With this in mind they are probably the worst defence in the league
with the team in free flowing mode
a cricket score would be nice
and get that hundred goals up for the season
Their has been trouble brewing in the hull ranks this week
with bullard and barmby fighting in training and in the park
this could go one of two ways
either a good performance or not
the latter would be nice.

So to sum up they have the tools to score
but no defence.
We should put this to bed early.



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