Monday, March 15

Sea of Tango

Another grind out victory for The Arsenal
No surprises in the line up
Theo never makes the bus
so he can only be used in the second half

Wengers pre game interview he was moaning about the pitch
and had good reason to I've seen flatter egg boxes

To the Game then

We started slowly as usual
never seem to get going for 15 min
have no idea why
a question for AW
maybe the pre game energy drinks take that long to take effect

Anyway early on a sharp pass from sami got bendy in
but he could quite take it in to his stride
the defender got the better of him

Was really frustrating first 15 too much passing
not enough into the mixer
clichy was made good runs on the left
lots of space down there due to
mendy crapping himself having to mark the little russian

Jimmy "I dont" bullard was playing well in the middle
and was looking like he would be a thorn in our side today

Eboue was cutting in and running in to the hull defence
from the right came the build up to the goal
a hull attack broken up by TV
sanga one two with eboue
nasri cushions it for Nikki
he sees Anrdey in space
some determined dribbling
Laces of his right boot


We've Got Arshavin So........

The tonne for the season up
Get in

A few chances went begging after that
Hull defenders were papping themselves

Then a ball over the top too Vennegoor of Hesselink
Would hate to have to pay for that shirt
anyway how the line-o could not see this guy offside is beyond me
they even had fucking lines on the pitch (from the rugby or whatever)

Anyway Vennegoor of Hesselink
fools the ref as he was already going down
sol wrapped his legs round him
and he falls
well taken by bullard he does have a shot on him


Nikki almost got shoved in the box
and there could have been another pen
but no

Hull got nasty after this lead by there captain
why did bendy get a yellow????????
is it not ok to take someones finger out you eye?

was also a two footed challenge boateng before this
you could tell that hull had the tails up
and were planning too kick us till the whistle

a high challenge came in boateng
the captain take leave of his senses
and almost kneecapps sanga
10 men
he even got cheered off??

I hate it when this happens when the scores are level
it just plays in to a lower teams plans
now they have no reason to come forward
it just a half of defensive training

The way we were playing as well
no width only really coming down the left
as eboue was cutting in the whole time

Anyway HT 1-1

second half we we were sloppy
thankfully sol wasnt pushing up
due to his age
he was stopping the counter
some real crunching challenges

We couldn't break them down
and theo had finally turned up
so on he went on
instant impact
width and speed
just lacked finish
probably cos Andrey had changed his boot at halftime
bet he wont do that again
blue boots for WTF

Sol was looking tired and continued too drop deeper
maybe we should put him in goal next time ;-)

Dudu came on for Sami
and we switched to a 442
but it didn't help much
we couldn't break down the 4-5-none of hull
ever shot was block
a sea of tango
we were think we really would be tango'd

6 mins came up
was shitting it
twitter was a tide of negativity
then little bonnie denilson decide's I wanna be the hero 
myhill can't hold on to it a flaps it in to the path of our nikki


Marmaduke marmaduke

Even Match of the day think we can win it now.

As i write this i learn that phil brown has got the sack shame.



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