Thursday, April 1

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Gooner!

We showed barca way too much, Respect!
And ever once in a while you have to take beating
but we didn't care
we came back fighting
if only we could play like we did at the end of halves for the whole match.
As usual our conditioning helps us get a result.
It not the one we wanted but at two down would have taken anything.

So to the game

In the tunnel looking at the arsenal they looked pumped
and barca didn't
something must have happened during the champions league music
cos my god where were we hiding
cesc was obviously not fit and diaby was in his shell
thank god peter (aka song) had turned up
xavi and busquets were running the show
and what a show

for ~20 mins we had to endure this

someone told me he was described as the ring master of barca
and you can see why.

you have to think helb was right with assessment of the two teams
barca are slower and more direct and arse are faster and less

Almunia stood up to all that they threw at him.
he was just amazing
back to his best.

we finally started to break free
an arshavin cross came in to the barca box
and im sure the barca defence had forgotten what a ball looked like.
this also was andrey last involvement, eboue on.

straight after this clichy and messi had a tumble in our box it could have been a pen. thankfully it weren't.

Sami started to get some joy down the left alves was good
but not as good as damien (aka sami)
He was a boy possessed.
Damien made space on the left whipped it in to back stick
bendy was there on target no goal though
rebound bounced off the post.
thankfully the lino had flagged offside so we it wasn't a miss technically.

Gallas sat down for a sulk
and we wont see him in arse shirt again im thinking.

Enter denilson the water boy he did everything asked of him and got the team ticking over again.


Well we'd hardly had time to think before zlatan had found space.
messi had pulled tv out of position
giving zlatan half the pitch to run into
song was miles away and had no chance of catching him
many came out too close the angle
but the lob was on
and was executed to perfection.

0-1 zlatan

The swede's are really hurting us in the champions league this year.

Thankfully The Arsenal response was instant clichy galloping down the left
cross on to the Danes flying head.
but valdes was there.
and was straight at him.

the game had turned in to what people had expected it to be open.
us attack you attack
no surprise with us pushing for an equaliser

and then the worst thing happened a carbon copy of the first
tho it was a run from zlatan that really did the damage
off then back on
and this time many stays on his line but the finish is too powerful


Wenger decides enough messing about time for all out attack
sanga off for theo
and super sub does what we missed all night
run at them with pace a directness
bendy and damien make the space in centre draw the defence out
bendy plays a through ball for theo
he takes it in his stride, one touch and


Super super super Theo!

The come back was on
cesc pulls the ball from the net
lets do this

messi did get one on one with many but
messi who?

We get a freekick just outside the area
cesc lines it up but into the wall.

Then the ball was won back in centre circle by diaby
out wide to theo via eboue
a low cross into the box is deflected in to the air.
bendy caresses it down to cesc
just about to pull the trigger from point blank
Puyol Pen

Cesc is doing everything to keep his nerves
he's zoned out to another place
just the ball and him



Cesc We Can. 


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