Friday, April 2

Gold Always Believe

I know most of you are recovering from wed
but we have a game on sat

The Stat attack

P16 W4 D4 L8 F18 A30 Pts16

their recent away form has been good unbeaten in three
so it will be tough
they need eight points till safety
Lets hope we give them none

Ones to watch

to be honest i dont watch them enough
but Hahneham is a average keeper
Craddock seems to be their main defender watch out for him on set pieces he rivals thomas (tv) for goals scored and apparently Doyle is the striker putting them in. I was told to watch Ebanks-blake this year but he hasn't made the step up, he was banging them in last season at championship level.

2 us

if you were hungover yesterday you might have missed that
Cesc out till the week of the Champions league final in madrid,

billys and andrey out for three weeks.
i think i heard clichy has a back problem
same as denilson but will have to find out on the sat about the last two.
Lucky wenger has put together a great squad of players who have pulled us through a injury plagued season and we are in with a shout of a double.

Will be about getting that first goal then hopefully they will crumble.

2 the Gold Always Believe

Cesc We Can!

as usual we will have live streaming links for the game and live blogging see the RSD terrace remember to tell a friend


Erick said...

Rsd like the belief you write with we still in it with a shout Come on Arsenallllll Cesc we can

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