Sunday, April 4

I Run this Wing Now!

As usual wenger makes the right choices of a balanced team of strength
and rest some of the core for tues.

The game

so within the first minute you could tell that wolves weren't gona give anything going forward and it would be about breaking them down.

And we looked likely with theo's blistering pace on the left
and tommy in the centre controlling things.

Early on dudu had a couple of chances early on, a striker who played ever week would have probably put the the second one away, the first was harder. To be fair the second one he got a horrid touch and was right under his feet for the shot hence wide.

A familiar fashion occurred of us attacking using theo who looked alot better when you rewatched the game and weren't shouting at him.

Sols really is the Daddy now!
He got bored of sitting in our 'alf after thirty minutes of doing nout and decided to do a maze up to their box from the 'alf way line.

Go on Sol.

When Sol eventually lost the ball,
instead of worrying about how he was gona get back,
he ran round trying to win it back off like three players,
at his age an'all.
Then a few minutes later,
theo was trampled on by some scum of a wolves player,
Sol ran over made sure the ref gave the freekick,
even pointed out who done it.
Back Grass!

Everything good pretty much came down the right
probably due to the lack of pace of silvestre on the left,
jebus i think he's still trying to make one of theo crosses
theo on the other hand, had pace in abundance,
but problem is nobody else is that quick!


Started the same as first us attacking dudu missing chances

Tommy weren't to bad an'all, henry tried to break his leg but wasn't that bad i'm sure if bould-y was watching he would have thought it just a little late. Anyway red and the task of breaking them down became harder.

We needed some more support
nikki and nasri on
Damein (aka sami) is turning into one hell of a player
the passing ability of cesc
dribbling of helb
pace of theo (well maybe not theo but he's still quick)

They do like too leave it late
Damien to tommy he see theo
tees up sanga for the cross
Bendtner out leaps the defender.

Marmaduke 1-0 Funkin Get In


Special notes of theo (maybe he is the daddy an'all)
Silvestre is less scary on the left
bendy really works hard don't he.


Erick said...

We still in it why not believe it Come on

stephen H said...

we'll push em right to the end!

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