Tuesday, July 27

Austria Warm Up Over Bring On Meelan

Time to get back to Colney

Todays game was a prob the worst of the austrian matches
everyone saving themselfs for the emirates cup
Yet Djourou still managed to limp off half way through the first half
already the injuries are mounting up lets hope it aint nothing serious

The Game

the attack looked good but then it should do v an austrian 3rd division side

JET & big jack look sharp.

Defence not much asked
am i being a bit harsh for kos (koscielny) losing his man at a corner
and samir having to clear on the line
i guess you dont do much set piece work preseason

Goals were pretty easy to come by

theo teed up by nasri nice finish

JET put in by gibbs finish on the turn

Nasri beaut of pass and Chamakakaka* wins pen first arse goal

Nordtveit links up with sami flicks Vela in and lobs the keeper

Can Vela score any other way? lob chip lob chip

Got to say what was up with Arshavin today
spent most the game falling over
they said the grass was long
but he aint that small

Nordtveit is starting to look like a real option for the prem

*got to get a nickname (answers in comments please)
cant look up how to spell that every week
he looks like a good signing
hopefully he'll score every week.

So some real oppo on friday
reception for flamoney
hope to get a bit of panto boo's
even if he was slightly harshly treated by club

RSD out

ps final blog design revamp i hope let me know if you like it


Ann Patey said...

Different again. I think I like this one best. I like the new background on the @RSD page too. Very cool.

Real Social Dad said...

right almost set for the new season now thanks for the feedback

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