Monday, July 26

News from a new day in Austria…

A report from Super Mac

Hi everyone from a Norway Gooner in Austria..


Allready we have sent back Henderson, Landsbury, Eastmond and Traore from this camp.
I spoke too Neil Banfield this evening and he told me that Hend & Land was not far away from full traning. Eastmond was runing 2 days ago, so he should be ok soon. Traore looks not so good.

Today AW start with 22 players but end up with 20…
Song and Gibbs limp off,
but I dont think it is too serious,
but none of them played this afternoon.
Both was in the gym with Diaby.

This morning AW still separate away the 5 other WC players.
He played the Defenders (Verm5, Kos6, JD20, Gibbs, Nordtveit, Frimpong) against the Fowards (Nasri, JW19, Theo, AA23, TR7, JET, Cha29), and use just one goal.
Vito was the GK, and he was excellent.
All the Def was OK too, and they only cons one goal.
A beauty from AA23 (at last!).
Nasri create the chance, and AA23 smash it home past Vito.

The good news from this morning was Theo assists from his flank.
AW set up JET (left) and Theo (right) wide to feed Cha29 and Nasri.
Chamakh29 grab 3 goals and is looking better every day.
The bad news was that the next pair, Sagna (right) and Clichy (left) could not give AA23 and Vela – one disent pass!!
MOTM this morning was Vito, but cred to Nasri, Cha 29 and all the Def.

This afternoon AW split 20 players in 4 teams, and arr 6 games.

The teams:
Blue: Alm1 – JD20, Clichy – Big Jack, Theo 
White: Szcz – Sagna, Nordtveit – Nasri, Cha29
Yellow: Vito – Kos6, Frimpong – TR7, JET
Green: Fabi – Verm5, Eboue – AA23, Vela


B-G 1-2 (JW19 – Vela 2)
W-Y 0-3 (Kos6, JET, TR7)
B-W 1-2 (Clichy – Nordtveit, Sagna)
Y-G 0-4 (Vela 2, Eboue, Vern5)
Y-B 2-2 (TR7, JET – JW19 2)
W-G 1-3 (Nasri – AA23 2, Verm5)

The Green team won all 3 games and Verm5 and Eboue have been exc on this camp, and today
Vela did really impress with 4 goals.
(he had one more, but ref Pat Rice blow full time when Velas beautyful chip was on his way into the net) AA23 shows again that if it “suits him” he can be magic. JW19 and Nasri again put up a great show, and they look so sharpe.

Also cred to Kos6 and Nordtveit. They will fill the gap from Gallas/Silvestre/Senderos with ease. JD20 need more time but he will give us more power in the box.And cred to all the 4 GK. They feel the competion, and work hard. JET was not so good today. JW19 was exc in last Emirates Cup, and I cant see why this should be his season.

From Super Mac

ps sorry if you cant work out his lingo let me know if you get stuck


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Mr SocialDad!

Just found your site... I'll have to check in regularly!

ps is a tad blue for my liking though, couldn't work out how the blueness was related to Arsenal

Real Social Dad said...

blue and yellow is the away kit.
but glad you found it join the facebook or twitter then you wont miss a minute.

Ann Patey said...

Hi RSD, I've really missed your posts so good to see them back again and can't wait for the season to kick off again properly. I'm worried about the team though, can't see any real progress with that and @DarrenlArsenalOne is getting me all fired up.

Feedback, can't take yellow text on blue, it goes all fuzzy. Please change it back to white text! The Black Scarf site is worse, yellow on black background. I won't be going back there it hurts my eyes too much.

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