Sunday, July 25

Players V Footballers who do you want?

End of July looming and the season almost upon us
the squad is taking shape.
Wenger says he wants us to hit the ground running
Nasri looks like he's relishing the chance
especially seeing as wenger says cesc wont be back till sept
Draw your own conclusions about it being a bit of co-inky-dink
that the transfer deadline ends there.
Also RVP wont be fully fit also till then
but when is he ever fully fit.
So Chamakh gets a chance to show us he's good enough
Looking through the squad
it almost looks like we have cover in all positions
obviously a new keeper is what all gooner's want
or for ours to have alot of confidence going in to the season
and another defensive player someone like song
would be nice
who could play in holding midfield role and at center half
A good footballer who is a great player.
You might be looking at the screen a bit confused now,
So i'll explain there are many great footballers out there
some even dont make it
every one's had a trial ay!
(mostly of them are in a suit tho)
although great footballers do need to be accommodated in to teams
most teams are made of players
people who react to positioning
do there job
to put a bit more elegantly than i can
Sacchi once said when he was director football at Real
"We had some who were very good footballers. they had technique, they had athleticism, they had drive, they were hungry. But they lacked what I call knowing-how-to-play-football. They lacked decision making and positioning. They didn't have that subtle sensitivity of football: how a player should move within a collective. For many i wasn't sure they were going to learn. 
Strength, Passion, Technique, athleticism all of these are very important. But aren't means to an end. They help to reach your goal, which is putting your talent at the service of the team,and by doing this, making both you and the team greater. So, in situations like that, i just have to say, he's a great footballer, but perhaps not a great player." 
Just want one more please Wenger a player ay

RSD out


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