Friday, July 16

Grandad's tactic's are dying?

Lets talk tactics i know it's only 10% of the game
the rest is performance and touch of luck.

But the right tactics can turn a pretty average player in to a great and vice versa.
Take eboue a liabilty in midfield but very good wing back.
Or even song who looked lost the season before last trying to play the 442 but tell him to sit in front of the two centre halves and bang.

One Song 
We've only got one song.

So last season much was talked about our new formation
(433 or 4231)and whether we should go back to 442
There has been talk about the 442 being a dying formation
I'm guess the old school among us would like to cling on to this
as it what all levels of are brought up with
You know where you supposed to be and what your supposed to be doing.

Though the 442 has only been around since the early 60's
Viktor Maslov "the grandad" of the 442  first invented it
though it was like Sir Alf Ramsey wingless wonder team which won the world cup in 66.
Maslov's team (Dynamo Kyiv) was much more creative
and was the origin's of total football, people say it was holland and michels but they never saw dynamo play.
He also introduced the high pressing game which wenger has tried to emulate and barca (im mean spain) won the world cup doing.

He was much ridiculed for it
"We dont need this kind of football"
was the headline in the papers accompanied by a picture of four Dynamo players converging on an opponent with the ball.
but then they went on to  the title 4 times in 7 years
the paper soon changed their tune.

With Chamakh coming i've been told that he'll be the one to play with RVP up front like this:

To be honest what i've seen of chamakh he's a great passer and link up player who can head the ball but wouldn't be suprised if he was pushed out wide like bendtner last season.
That is if he makes the team in the 433.

What ever happen looks like we'll definatly have all the horses whether we can use the right course's will be a up to wenger.


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