Thursday, July 15

It's been a long long

Long time
hope all enjoyed the world cup
Wasn’t that great as we all expected
but then we do get the champions league every year
and the world cup is the poor mans version.
But least the best team won in the end
shame it was barca!
If you want the best analysis see john wilson’s.

The outrage in the blog world about cesc is over the top now
For fucks sake you would think the all gooners are angels
Like they never went out on the piss
and played a prank on a mate.
Things I got up to when the bus was rolling with boys
Still makes me shudder.
Alright it might have been in bad taste (cesc’s shirt stunt)
but you have to see it from a basque point of view.
Even pique gobbing on one of the coaching staff,
If you on piss and on the wind up it all fun and games.

Lets hope cesc is staying
and it's true that he just brought a new mansion in st albans
I’ll be surprised if we get anyone else in
Wenger has said
“I'm still looking for one more defensive player”,
Melo we can hope for,
But, no swapsies please.

The boys who have come in will hopefully fill in for what we were missing last year
I expect eastmond & Djourou to step a level this year.
Should have been djourou season to shine last year
lets hope the knee has healed up ok
he seems to be taking it careful nicely strapped in training.(see pic 8)

Barnet on the weekend hope to make the game
but am waiting for the mrs to pop

So I’m back with the usual blah blah blah yackity smackity
Oppo stats preview, match reports and a lot of cock and bull.

RSD out


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