Saturday, July 31

Back home

Was good to hear the faithfull once again
3 months without them is just to long
a sense of calm came over me when i heard
"Arsenal Arsenal"
Wont do a proper match report as was just a friendly
but was taken almost seriously
lot more energy than on tuesday whole team was defending well
even arshavin got in on the act

Was a bit of european tie for the first 20 mins or so
clogged in midfield
but soon big jack and arshavin were finding space and working the ball to chamakh

The goal came from arshavin pushing past gattuso
like he was pushing aside some dirty slapper in a dark russian bar
straight in towards the box
perfect ball for Chamakh

Nice way to anounce yourself to the grove
Smiles all round.

after this sami did some magic down the left
cut the ball back for tommy rosicky
but he couldn't bury it.

Milan came on to us after this a little
which gave kos a chance to show us what he's about

"Kos he's worth it"

Pato was in down the left shoulder to shoulder
takes the ball cleanly
and keeps in play
to be cleaned up by the verminator

I can see a partnership growing here
One swallow dont make it a summer but...

Kos & TV 
has a ring to it like
Keown & TA

TV also had some good chances from set pieces
and looks like he want to get double figures this year

After half time Theo came on looked sharp few nice chances
Unlucky Theo

Vela looked good
As did Randell apart from the finishing

So all in all a good run out controlled the game
JD played a holding roll just to show he can do that like at brum

Chamakh showed he can create as well
had the ball out left
played in by Big jack
looked like he was going now where arshavin makes a run
quick feet
and Arshavin is in one on one
Jack cant get on the rebound

Oh just a special note to Sky
we havent played 442 for over a year now
please just give up commentating

RSD out


Ann Patey said...

Blimey, that must take the record for the speediest post ever! Well done!

Real Social Dad said...

was atleast an hour

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