Saturday, July 31

Are We? Aren't We?

Transfer news had been a bit thin if you're a gunner this summer
Wenger talking the talk as always
but didn't he say i'm definately gona sign a striker in jan
only to hear
"bendtners gona be like a new signing"
I hate that phrase
Wenger dont have any excuses this time,
if he dont manage to sign a defender by deadline day
Then we're gona struggle at the back
just like last year.

The market has been pretty quiet if you exclude man shitty, from the top 6
 We were the second biggest spends in the market,
before we sold dudu
(good luck again)
But now down to 5th
For a club with the best books in the whole of the world
you would think we might spend mid transfer window

Wenger said today that 
 "I do my transfer work late and early"
So i guess we best put the coffee on cos it gona be a late one

Chatting to another blogger (oliver) about this,
got me convinced it go be a bumper deadline day.
With Shitty inflating the market agents and clubs,
will have to realise they wont get the price or wages they want.

And then it's time to strike.

Just a month more of speculation then.
God when will these story's end boring.

Have good day if your travelling to the game today.
If not and you stuck in watching
and fancy chatting to gooners
we have the live blog on
prob after Hungarian qualifying
but if you watching that and want it on like this post ie :-)

RSD out


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