Thursday, July 29

Cesc in a hyperbowl revisionist world

So lots of supposed new type came out about cesc today

Long and short of it is:
"I am from Barcelona. I am a club member, along with my grandfather, my uncle and my cousin. I feel those colours and have since I was young. I am Catalan I have come through the Barca youth system...
"However, I am Arsenal's Captain. I am a Gunner and that is where I have made myself as a player and matured as a person."
Old News
first came out preworld cup
 Wenger: "He is a second father to me, the most important person in my life after my father.
 "He does not want me to leave. My last conversation with him in London was one of the most difficult moments I have had to live. I am left very touched."
The last statement  "i am left very touched"
has been changed  by some papers to
I ended up very upset.


Anything to fill copy and sell.
A good article sent to me by ann onthe facebook group was dont fall their tricks

to cut a long story sideways

Arse station thinks barca are

1) They are trying to turn Arsenal supporters against Cesc.


2) They are trying to get Cesc to hand in a transfer request and thereby get him for far less than he’s worth.


3) The new regime is trying to placate their own supporters.


I would like to blame it all on barca but, the media have thier part to play
and they are cesc's mates.
"Those players are my friends and have been for many years."
Spanish media anything to hype up thier league
(two big teams rest very average sounds like scotland)

and the fleet street mostly wapping
which prob use google to translate the spanish reports
talk about miss quoting.

Fucking calm down gooners
if goes which i doubt
we've got Big Jack and Ramsey
who unlike cesc but can actually run at pace.

Don't believe the Hype

RSD out

ps lets all laugh at spurs 4-1 to villarreal
and jenas the penis gets crooked

oh dont forget the live blog for the meelan game


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