Friday, August 27

Andrey Arshavin – Average or Over rated?

My day off friday so here's Akhil Vyas with his weekly thoughts.
You probably know akhil if you watch atvo he always the first one on the phone.

I have tried to get away from the new signing, or the Mark Schwarzer situation and even the champions league draw.

I have been hearing people telling me that Arshavin isn’t as good as everyone makes out and is just an over-rated player.

On Saturday, I spent the first 10 minutes just watching Andrey Arshavin and if I am honest, he gave the ball to the opposition more then he gave it to his own team mates.

However, the first goal is when his game changed and he provided a good assist for Theo Walcott and off course stepped up for the penalty for the second goal.

These first 20 minutes summed Andrey Arshavin out for me. He can be slightly hit and miss, he can be quiet all game but do something special like score a goal or provide an assist or just make something happen.

Much of the Arsenal faithful are undecided over him. At the age of 29, this is a massive season for him. Andrey will never be as hard working as our super Swede Freddie or our Romford’s Pele but we expect him to show something and work hard in his own way and do something special in them tight games.

We knew what sort of a player Arshavin was before he came here and to tell him to work hard is fair but also unfair. I say that because, we knew what sort of a player he was before he came here and at the age of 29, it is very difficult to change a player. At the same time, we expect our players to give 100% so perhaps Arshavin could work harder.

All I know is, it’s a massive season for Arshavin, after this season, he will be 30 and therefore if he does not get offered a new contract this year, the only contract he will be offered when his current one is close to expiring will be a one year extension which may not suit Andrey.

This year is massive for everyone but it’s vital for Andrey Arshavin. He say’s he does not worry about what others say about him but sometimes, it may just get to much and a player can start to take notice and start to doubt themselves.

I personally, would play Arshavin on Saturday but then maybe give him a breather against Bolton on September 11th if he does not have a good game on Saturday.

In regards to the draw, I thought it was a good draw for Arsenal. We avoided a ‘big, big club’ like Real Madrid and the long trips are not too bad. Looking at that group, we should win the group and qualify for the next stage.

Also, a welcome to our new signing Sebastian Squillaci. We hope it will be a long and successful signing for us and I am sure all Arsenal fans will welcome him to our club.

By  Akhil Vyas (@10akhil)

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