Saturday, August 28

Football?! What like passing and Shit?

Early one i know but is a early kick off so you should be up

Another trip up the M6
to see prob the most northern bloke in football
He was probably born with a tash he's that northern

last trip up there flapianski got ruined as a keeper
wish he'd man up a bit
like what chesney did at brentford
and if a player trying to push you about

thump him one!

So squad is back RVP and cesc are ready according to Wenger
maybe we might see this

Football Fans Know Better

Obviously most of the attacking five can interchange as shown last week

Would be nice if this started
but i guess wenger will ease RvP and cesc in
didn't your heart skip a beat
when robin went down within 10 mins of coming on last week

In cesc's last appearance for Arsenal against Rovers
Cesc scored one & assisted four goals.
Same today please skip.

to blackburn
they haven't really offered much going forward
1 goal so far
one v everton howard basically threw in his own net
so not counting it

Gamst as usual is the creative spark
but be prepared for some kick and rush from rovers

by @darylbooth

I think we can steam roll them
wouldn't say it will be six but might get a brace

We got the champions league draw on thurs was my day off so
might as well give you my two cents
not the easiest
and we're racking up the air miles
but got my wish
to give dudu a proper send off
their ground looks nice an'all

Was nice that platini reiterated the new "financial fair play" rules before the draw.
which come in to effect next season.
"The clubs will comply,"  "or they will not play."
fuck knows what chels utd and money city are gona do
let alone barca and real.
but that's there problem not ours.


RSD out (@TheRSD )

dont forget we'll have the goal highlights from all the games within 20mins of them going in.


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