Friday, August 6

Cesc & That's how winning is done!

So news that all gunners wanted to hear
"I am Staying!"
Should be officially announced by the end of this week

Im guessing pre warsaw

Was chatting to a twitter gooner today about it
before cesc came out on the pitch.
And it struck me as childish what all gooners are after.
How many times does he need him to say
"I am Arsenal's Captain. I am a Gunner"
He said this just last week in the spanish press.
Its reminds me of being with my kids

Dont worry daddies here! Hold my hand.

I mean he almost has to say it every week.
I know his extended family at barca dont help matters 
But for fucks sake, like
Grow up,
stop your belly aching and whining
The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.

We should know this after all we are gooners

You might say well he doesn't say exactly
I not going anywhere i am committed as ever.
 Al la torres.

But he's a footballer not a lawyer
And when we analyse ever word he says
checking for anything that could confirm or relieve our fears.
It no wonder he waits till he meets with the club lawyers
and then makes a statement.
And beside torres has been back already
and has had the club prepare his statement for him.

RSD out

Oh and happy birthday RVP 27 today!

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