Tuesday, August 24

I've already made my opinion, don't confuse me with the stats!

With the continued speculation of clichy being hunted by most of the top clubs in europe over the last few seasons and the emergence of gibbs.
I thought it was about time i looked at there stats
and try and put my finger on why alot of people are calling for gibbs to be starting.

People who read my blog know that i am a huge clichy fan.
And when the gael gets going a hurricane ensues
but he has made a few costly errors last season.
Though still rate him highly and he can keep alot of wingers quiet.
Ronaldo he owed in one match v utd
and the winker had to have a go on the other side.

Gibbs has big potential and might have kept clichy out of the team with his performances while clichy was out injured before crimbo last season.
But some twat of a standard leige player in last few seconds went to block a pop shot from gibss and broke his foot. Cunt.

So the stats   Clichy v Gibbs the weigh in
                             in the team               out the team
                      Win% Draw% lose% Win% Draw% lose%
arsenal             62     18        20         62      18      20
Clichy             61     18         21         64      18      18
gibbs                67     22         11         61      17      22

                             Goals              Against
arsenal average     2.28                1.08
with clichy           2.29                 1.07
With gibbs           2.89                  1.44

Bettor logic stats from last two seasons in prem

Mins/Clearance Clichy 24, Gibbs 23

Crossing success 17%v 18%

Passing accuracy 79%v78%

Mins per Interception 25v25

Tackle won % Clichy 74%, Gibbs 70%

From @orbinho last season all comps

As usual stats only get half the story
also gibbs really hasn’t played enough games to really prove himself
or give us some really impressive stats.
The only thing that is note worthy is the goals for and the win and lose percentage
But as gibbs has only been playing in “lesser” games,
the score lines might have been bigger.
Maybe this could be why people want him starting.
Aint it nice The Arsenal has always been blessed with fantastic left backs going back to Samson, winterburn, a hole, now clichy and gibbs.
"I've already made my opinion, don't confuse me with the stats!"
RSD out


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