Wednesday, August 25

Wilshere dropped good thing bad thing?

Cappello dropping wilshere for the qualifiers for Poland 2012 seems to be a odd decision seeing as how well he playing and did will in the recent friendly.
Pearce has included him in the U21 squad,
as they start there preparation for U21 euros in denmark.
Although some say this could just what big jack needs
to get his head down out of the tabloid limelight and concentrate on securing first team football.
I know it not that likely when cesc and song are restored to midfield but there might be the off chance he make it ahead of the other contenders for that third midfield spot diaby has been show his lack of sharpness in last two matches not quite firing yet.
But he never really does
I hope he will do 

You can just see what's happened to theo happening to jack now
he'll start getting used for both u21 and England.
He’ll play in some qualifiers next year then pearce will take him to denmark
jack will come back to arsenal exhausted get injured then come good for the end of the season
and then Fabio will pick him the initial squad and then drop him for Poland 2012.
then pick him for the friendly after the tourney and play a blinder.
exactly what happened to theo.

The tabloids are so desperate to build up a new superstar after the absolute failure by Fabio and the England players in south Africa.
(Really have to blame Fabio on that one
was the most old fashioned tactics and useless squad selection I’d seen.
No wonder he’s been out of a job
real only won the title in ’07 because barca blew it.
Thank god he’s actually woken up and started to play a 4231
like almost every team in south Africa.
Shame it’s wasn’t until the friendly in august though.)

Now there after wilshere just give the boy a chance to develop.
He will be a world class player but give him time.
And dont use him every game possible.

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