Wednesday, August 4

Show us your medals!

Was chatting to the twitter gooners the other day about league winning experience
and whether it is actually essential for a team to win the league.
Now gallas has left Clichy is the only player with a prem medal,
looking deeper Rosicky, Chamakh, Arshavin and Clichy
are the only four players in squad to win a league.

if you look at Utd squad interestingly they have six players
who won the league in 03/04 still in the squad.

Does this mean we cant win the league!
but you have to start somewhere.

The manc's their recent run of three years of championships
started with the carling cup in 05/06 with the current crop.

Although wenger hasn't deemed it necessary
he use the carling cup for the youth and fringe
though they have come close to winning it in the past.

Does worry me that wenger is  taking this policy to the FA cup
Probably because the FA have got the fixtures at the worst time's
third round after Christmas
and the fifth and sixth after champion league last 16 round
Gives wenger a tough choice and you can see why he deprioritise the FA cup.

Our most experienced player Rosicky said to today
"You could see that we were there almost the whole of last season. We were knocking on the door,"
 "But we were still missing something so let's hope we learn the lessons and do not make the mistakes we did last season."
"In every team I have ever played I have always won something, so it was always my aim to do it here as well."
What where we missing last season
A extra striker the quality of RVP

A defender who could cover and play twice a week.

Still need another one though seeing as we've lost gallas as well.
but nordtviet is back and is biting at the bit to be the new bould-y
A keeper playing with confidence

we can only hope wenger chooses one and sticks with him.
As it dont look like we'll be signing anyone
but still a month speculation to go.

RSD out

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