Tuesday, August 3

Nordtviet, News & Wellington

Enjoyed doing the short profile on JET yesterday
And thought i'd do Nordtviet today
Only to find out when i get home that the club has been chatting to him
I guess great minds think a like or fools never differ.

To be honest i think his loan in spain set him back,
he's was stuck on the bench for much that loan in 08/09
which has somewhat stiffled his development 

The last 14 months doing the summer in norway
and then winter in germany have done him well.
Saving Nurmberg from Relegation
where he only wasn't used eight times
playing teams like bayern
(champions league runners up last season)

He played in the bundesliga 
which i feel is a very competitve league
much more than prem and spain,
Although lacking the big bucks.
So he should be ready for the prem.

Will prob see him in home game at right back
If i were him i'd be looking at the home game v the toon in nov for a start
due to the other home games after champions league matches are either to big
or during carling cup week, which he'll prob be playing in.

Transfer bull for today is

Montpellier defender Emir Spahic has claimed Arsenal are in negotiations
but then his boss deny's it
And wenger never does any tapping up does he

An Arsenal XI played borehamwood tonight we won 0-3
Randall did a beckham-esh, lob the keeps from halfway.
and Afobe keeps on scoring.
 you can see the full report on jamie's blog

Star of the night was the future gooner wellington
has signed for us but wont move till he's 18 (6th Jan 2011)

Reports form the ground tonight say he's

slight build,very quick feet,
sort of Ronaldo-ish,
head up runs and he tackled back
Certainly impressed

RSD out

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