Monday, August 2

Will Wenger turn on the JET and where?

Impressive this preseason,
has been one of the young guns
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas aka JET

A nicely taken goal in austria
and has worked hard on the right for the team.
He definately knows where the goal is
and has the power to get there,
what a big young unit he is.
and also knows how to defend.
Not just a footballer but a player.

During his time in youth set up with steve bould
he has played as a  left back, center half and midfield.
And news is that bould-y, still feels he best position is at the back
Tho wenger i feel sees him as box to box midfielder

The boys has two good feet,
the left boot being the power.
This is the reason i think wenger has moved in to midfield.
I mean look what he can do with that foot v derby last year

He did well in the cup and on his loan spell last year
1 in 3 for Donny aint a bad return over 15 games.
Would think he will get a few more places on the bench this year in prem

Was a shame he wasnt included in the Mee-lan game but it was his birthday after all.

RSD out.


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