Friday, September 3

Backing Almunia is all an Arsenal supporter can do.

The week has gone and the transfer window is shut and Arsenal have……not signed a new goal keeper.

Mark Schwarzer was touted to come in and even handed in a transfer request but the deal did not conclude for what ever reason. I am now not interested in why the deal did not happen but want to look forward.

As a club and as fans, all we can do is simply back and support Manual Almunia and the rest of our keepers. We have no other choice. This has to be one of the biggest gambles of Mr Wenger’s career and one that could easily back fire. If Almunia has a good season and Arsenal wins something then this could be one of the best decisions Mr Wenger has ever made. Looking at it now tells me it is a big risk.

The goal keeping position at Arsenal is under the spotlight so much that every single shot/cross/touch is looked at closely. The pressure is huge, so big that I do not blame the keepers for sometimes making mistakes.

Another reason why I will support Almunia is because of his personality (I no it shouldn’t be a big reason) because he has always played for the shirt and been proud to be an Arsenal player. He has always stopped to talk to fans and personally, I have had a few conversations with him and he is a lovely fella.

As for other keepers, Fabianski needs to play more games and I really hope he goes on loan because it’s unfair to judge him without seeing him play more regularly.

As a passionate supporter of this football club, I really hope fans back Almunia and give him another chance to prove himself. I do not see any other option, apart from writing this season off and starting a campaign to get Almunia out but I cannot see many people going for that option! So backing our man is the only way. Let’s not forget, he has had good games for Arsenal, if he can cut out those silly mistakes, he can be the keeper we want him to be. I do believe that it takes competition in order to get the best out of Almunia but I am not sure if that will come. He did have a solid game at Ewood Park and more importantly, the fans backed him too.

So let’s get behind him and hope for the best.

The week started with a massive win at Blackburn. We all know the history with Big Sam, so it was a good achievement to win there. We did not have the best of times last season so was great to get the 3 points.

Roll on Bolton at home after the international break followed by Braga in our first Champions League game.

Come on you Arsenal!

By Akhil Vyas


Anonymous said...

The way the manager and the club have gone about to sign a GK has been shambolic. Firstly, of all the keepers in the world, they identified a 37 year old injured stop-gap cheaper option. Dragged the saga on for 3 months. Dented Almunia's confidence in the process. And finally FAILED to sign him. Quite pathetic.

Almunia, although may be a 'good lad', I'm sorry has been given 3 seasons to establish himself during which he and flappy have failed to do so. It is criminal to give them both a 4th chance. Why should we?
the fans have every right to be pissed of and demand answers for the conduct of the club and manager in this matter. We want to make our displeasure know to the manager. He has to be answerable for such shoddy decisions.

orion said...

Toatally agree with you use crying over spilt milk. The season has begun so lets get behind the team and give them the support that will enthuse them to play well.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is basically naive, he is too economical and this could easily lead the company so suffocate because of the meager resources.
we therefore have to bear with the situation and be the lad though he is fake.

Anonymous said...

Am an Arsenal Fun but if i had contact with Arsene, i will give him 5 strokes.
he has made me have pressure and this season too, there has been no change. Therefore he should be careful in everything that he does if we don't take a trophy this season, he should be fired immediately. Lets not only look at the proceeds he is bringing into the company but also the utility derived from the consumption of his service.

Anonymous said...

im sorry but aint the arsenal fans backed alumnia over the last few years as he repaid us no time n again he as let u down especially in big games i cud sit all day naming soft goals he as let in by bad positional sense over zealous diving 2 look good i wud stuggle 2 name a game which he as won 4 us with a great performance im sorry mr wenger but u av let us down big time we r calling sum big game players this year deadline day we hear u bid 4 top goalie but nuffin happen but the next day horray we r signing another wonder kid this time from japan cum on our youth is full of stars we dont need more

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the club makes 3 Million every match day, but acts cheap when it comes to buying a new GK. A position which I may add, is uncompromisable and non negotiable. You can put up with a mediocre player in the park and get away with it i.e. Denilson, but a poor GK will inevitably cost you points the way Manny/Flappy have cost us year after year for 3 years. Yet, no change. We penny-pinch and stick with these two for the 4th season in a row.
UNACCEPTABLE! The manager HAS TO BE answerable to us paying fans, who shell out our hard earned money for the most expensive tickets in Europe.

darktheory said...

Well said mate!

Ann Patey said...

Nice one Akhil :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for comments. Thank you Ann and Dark Thoery. Orion i agree with you.

Everyone is entittled to their opinions however, by making the manager know will put almunia in the spot light even more and that cant help his cause and therefore our cause can it?


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