Thursday, September 2

What IS the fackin point in the squad rule

Clubs bend the rules
the rule is a farce
why should we include english players in the team just for the england team.
All it does it weaken the prem.
with this and the 50% tax rate you can see the prem only going down hill
not to mention the financial fair play rule
as of next year pensioners and money city will be suffering.

If you look at the % of non foreign players compared to spain is about the same.
And dont hinder them.
Germany heavily invested in the academy's since '06
although they havent done any better since they invested.
they have a young squad
but i think there tactics are wrong
sole counter attacking football aint gona win v possession football.

The main problem in england is the academies
they're only being allowed to play over academies
and also the way we teach football
not on how to play football
how to playing set positions
which is useless in modern game.
The bands of attack midfield and defence
dont really exist anymore.
Until England wakes up we wont win anything.
Especially with Fabio
people who read this blog know that what i think
but just to reiterate the point

Really have to blame Fabio on that one
was the most old fashioned tactics and useless squad selection I’d seen.
No wonder he’s been out of a job
real only won the title in ’07 because barca blew it.
Thank god he’s actually woken up and started to play a 4231
like almost every team in south Africa"
Is It for increasing the amount english players available, why? 
The only thing you the squad rule is doing is making a biased quota system
liked to the south african selection rules in cricket
what will players do?
the same as what south african cricketers do?
ie playing for other country cos they want to picked on merit
not just if they meet the quota.
If this does carry on it will be the downfall of the prem.

RSD out

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Anonymous said...

It's doesn't say that home grown players have to be english, they can be any nationality, check the explanation on the Arsenal web site.

Anonymous said...

Your writing "style" borders on being unreadable.

Anonymous said...

This site is crap your work put into it is laughable and your posts are appalingly bad english.

Your only after people to click the ads well fuck off

Real Social Dad said...

i know what the home grown rule is about your missing the point the quota system wont help with the english national team which is why it was brought in.

thanks for the lovely words of encouragement anom's

Real Social Dad said...

its a blog not a english exam

Real Social Dad said...

oh and by the way it's spelt "appallingly"

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