Monday, September 27

The subtle sensitivities of football

I think we paid the price for over exertions on Tuesday
The whole team wasn't firing and we didn't defend as a team.

Yes Diaby was rushed back after injury
and it always takes him a few games before he gets injured again.

I know people are moaning about song being to far up the field and he should just concentrate on defending but this is football you react to what going on around you he can be behind chamakh but, diaby needs to take his place.
As Saachi would say "the subtle sensitivities of football"
He's footballer not a specialist holding midfielder.
And glad wenger is training him to be a footballer.

We couldn't play the way we do if we play as group of individuals
It’s a weakness and it's not proactive enough.

As for the goals conceded I think it was to do with full backs pushing on
not all much to do with Al
second goal although could have been saved but,
apparently he had injured his arm in saving the pen
whether that affected the save???
But if he was hurting that much he should have come off.

Before we start bemoaning the fullbacks for being to far forward this what our system dictates and that a midfielder moves back to become a third centre back.

(thanks to @zonal_marking) For more on the this click here)

As for those people bashing around the phrase "title winning keeper" don’t believe in it.
What happened yesterday was that minds weren't on the game and we didn’t defend as a team so we lost as a team.

Least we have a game quick so we can stop talking about this crappy display.
Onwards and Upwards and always twirling.

RSD out


Ann Patey said...

Interesting about Almunia's injury, but yes, he should have come off in that case. Whatever, not fair to put all the blame on him

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