Tuesday, September 28

Time to Parti in Belgrade

Partizan bit of an unknown have manage to catch a game and they do play the pass and move.
There manager said "My way of thinking in football is a way of how to reach the goal from greater possession of the ball"
Hope they carry on with it but kind of seems unlikely
And their captain has given the war cry.
"I hope we will manage to achieve a result that will announce our name throughout Europe."
Cleo is the goal scorer who they rely on for pretty much everything. IF our defence can mark him tightly and stop him. Then I can’t see why we can’t wipe them aside.

As you might have seen the squad diaby and almunia aint made the trip.
But lansbury and Sceszney (aka chesney) have

Last time we went to belgrade we lost 0-1 and went out to partizan eternal rivals red star but was in 78. Our trips behind the curtain havent always been fruitful but 5/12 aint bad.

Partizan last campaign in the Champions league 03/04 the didn't lose at home once
Real went there...
And even that seasons winners joses porto
and this time round still unbeaten but no real test as yet.

Interesting that they went unbeaten in there league last season and the last time they were in Champions league we unbeaten.
Omens or something I don’t know but note worthy

Some positive news trickles out of arsenal
Cesc is running and has a slight chance of playing sunday but not a lot
And gibbs is in the squad.

Come on Fabianski concentrate
Pay Wenger back for his blind faith

Apparently its a bit rought out there but they look alright

RSD out

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