Wednesday, September 29

Wengers boss is off and defender has a fracture

So the bit of bad news first Kyle Bartley fractured his cheek bone last night
(RT @samuelruback: Kyle Bartley fractured his cheekbone playing for Sheffield united tonight @YoungGunsBlog)

To the game

Well end up being a great result a
Nice little pick me up from saturday
Still looked shaky defensively
And to be honest we deserved to go in at half time 1-1.
They made enough chances to and could have a couple of pens.

Rosicky worked the right hand side beautifully was setting up chamakh all night if it weren’t for good defending by partizan chamakh could had a few.
Why chamakh didn’t take the pen is a bit strange but maybe he doesn't want ruin his headed scoring recorded in europe or something (he scored the most head by anyone all over europe in the Champions league)
Jack had another great game last night he's really looking good up out there and relished the attacking midfielder/support striker role he played. Not quite keeping cesc out the team yet though ay.
Andreys a bit of firecracker in he played shit all season yet leading goal scorer now with 5.
Also he has created more goal scoring chances (20) than any other player in the Premier League so far this season. (Stats from @orbinho)

Another bit of sad news is that Amanda Docherty is leaving the club and did her last match last night
Who's she you might say is she handles the media frenzy that surrounds today's Le boss as head of communications at Arsenal.
She been with us for the past fourteen years if you watch all the press conferences you'll always hear her "that’s the last question" she always bossing him about. :-)
She travels with the boss and the team everywhere and arranges all the interviews up to 25-30 sometimes.
She's a spurs fan so winning the league at white hart line must have been tough.
Nice anecdote
"On that night a few of the players decided it would be hilarious to drag me into the dressing room to celebrate.

"Patrick Vieira tried to throw me in the massive bath there but thankfully, there was no plug so it was empty! I didn't manage to get away scot free as he, Martin Keown and Lauren drenched me in Champagne.

I just squelched when walking the manager to his media interviews. I wasn't a pleasant sight!"

Pensioner Watch: Fat Frank out, drogba hopefully out and Essien went through mixed zone limping. Problem with his knee, this could be good. And apparently they where pretty bad and had a lucky goal from terry and pen was soft.

RSD out

Dont forget last few days to do you i'm eboue vid
ive done mine still short of a few go do one


Anonymous said...

Amanda Docherty is not Spurs fan from what I remember. she's a Liverpool fan.

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