Tuesday, October 5

The horror the despair: Not a chelsea report.

TWO whole fucking weeks to relive it that’s what hurts so much

I delayed writing this so to get some belief back in myself, I'm still waiting.

Would love to say england could take my mind of things but no
England are managing to piss me of even more playing jack in u21 and the a team
what the fuck just ruin him why dont you just like theo.
One positive about the interlull
Cesc, Gibbs, Seba, Kos, Sanga won't be involved.

Always say we'll win the league when asked early season
this year im starting to think bugger the league lets get a cup
stats show we're looking like a cuppy team anyway
Aggregate score of last 3 league games: 3-6 loss.
Of last three cup games: 13-2 win.

Do I even want to go into the chelsea game


Was summed nicely in this little anecdote from my life

after final whislte tv off
walked into the kitchen
wife and her mate chatting
she looks up and says
"hows the game?"
"It's Over."

I blame KC and the Sunshine Band.
Ever since I worked out which song was the source for the Nasri chant.
We've lost in the league
That tune is the kiss of death.
Since adopted for Wimbledon's Jon Main,
bad knee injury last season & no goals so far this.

RSD out

stats from @Gingers4Limpar  @olegunner @swissramble @andybrassell


Anonymous said...

Wenger is totally in denial.The players have no confidence in the keepers ,two new centre backs are average.Blocked up in midfield and a new lightweight striker.This arsenal side no chance of success

Anonymous said...

here, here, look at chelseas spine, checke in goal alex essian drogba now thats what i call a backbone!!!

Anonymous said...

the result was no more than i expected. always hope for more but the reality is we're miles behind chelsea. they seem to have it all: speed, strength, guile, creativity, organised, strength in depth.
we've got to wise up or we will be forever playing catch-up

Real Social Dad said...

thanks anoms for cheerful comments
word to the wise
"Happy when we win, smile when we lose."

Anonymous said...

not true real social dad, just honest supporters not nouvou ones like you!

Real Social Dad said...

anom understand them being honest but not much good comes from sitting around moaning about it.
spine of our team dont look bad either TV, Cesc, RvP.
by the cyber slagging of is ...........

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