Friday, October 8

Arsenal must stop making the same mistakes if we want to be successful in big games.

It's friday so here's akhil hope your enjoying the interlull will be back when soon.

After all the positive vibes I tried to create last week, it was a major blow to our ambitions to win the league by losing on Sunday to Chelsea. People did say me that I was kidding myself (when I say people I mean Arsenal fans) but I still think being positive is the best way to be. I will never go into a game thinking we are not going to win. I still feel it’s our responsibility to support our team and always be there for our players.

The problem is, with every moment of optimism comes some expectation and therefore disappointment if you lose. These big games are what we look forward too. I will admit a major clanger I made a few weeks ago when I was telling a friend before the West Brom game that I sometimes struggle to motivate myself for games like this ( I.E games against teams outside the top 6 at home) then an hour later I was sitting watching my team 0-3 down! I now respect EVERY team regardless of if it’s a home game and feel like a right clown for saying what I did.

Losing to Chelsea did hurt and for me, it hurt because we made the same mistakes once again. Like last year, we kept the ball well, played some good football and created a few chances but did not take them. I am not going to pick on certain chances but anyone watching the game saw how much possession we had and the chances we did create. I was very disappointed with the first goal. I know Alex Song has a very strong argument that he was fouled but he did dwell on the ball and against a team like Chelsea, -that’s always a risk but after that we still made mistakes.

Mistake 1: Maybe slightly harsh but Song could have got rid of the ball much quicker.

Mistake 2: Before Chelsea’s quick free kick, we had the ball and instead of getting ourselves positioned, we gave the ball back to Chelsea and let them take a kick free kick.

Mistake 3: One I picked up on even before the game and that was the threat of Ashley Cole. Once again for the first goal, the ball got through to him and he created the goal for Drogba.

Mistake 3 is one I was most disappointed about. Last season at the Emirates, Ashley Cole created the first goal for Drogba and also crossed in for the Vermaelen own goal and that was the exact same position that caused more problems this time round. We must know that Cole will attack from his side and therefore someone MUST track back to stop the threat. We made Ashley Cole; we should know exactly what his about. He also had the ball in the back of the net but was called border line offside which may have been the right decision but the fact that it was that close was disappointing. I think because its Ashley Cole, I get even more passionate because of the way he left us and all the tapping up claims and therefore do not want him to get any success against us. I was putting the argument of Eboue playing on the right of midfield/attack because he will track back and watch Ashley Cole. I understand that offensively that takes away someone very creative like Nasri/Arshavin/Diaby/Wilshere however, how many more games can we afford to lose against Chelsea?

At a club like Arsenal, we do not want to be losing 12 points against Chelsea and Manchester United. That is where we went wrong last season and must try and change that. We will never play a defensive game because that is not our way however, we must take our chances in ‘those’ big games because ‘those’ chances do not come too often. Last year at Old Trafford we played very well and were unlucky to lose. At home we were beaten well however, before United got their first goal, we did have a few chances that were missed. At the Bridge last year we also created chances but did not take them. We must be more clinical in front of goal in those big games.   

Having players like Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie out for big games does not help either. In those big games, you need them big players. Drogba and Rooney for example are big names and have great scoring records against us because in them big games they produce. Thierry Henry was a big game player and used to produce in the big games. Cesc and Robin have both produced in big games they have played. If we have Cesc and Robin in them big games then I think we would be more clinical and may start getting positive results again.

Now we must look forward, pray for no injuries during the international break and hope the players who are recovering now such as Fabregas, Bendtner, Walcott and Vermaelen return when the Premiership is back.   

I do feel the Arsenal squad in general is very strong (in most positions, I know most people right now are saying goalkeeper?!) and with our strongest first 11, I do think we can win the big games again but there is some work to be done. Talking about the goal keeper, Fabianski had a very good game at Chelsea, he made one error when he failed to punch far enough however, apart from that, he made a few good saves and came and collected crosses and set up attacks. That should give him tons of confidence, he was a major plus but even he knows he still has a lot of work to do but this is a good start.

Beating Birmingham will help boast the confidence then a trip to the blue side of Manchester will be a massive test, If Arsenal can come through these two games then anything can happen this season. If last season was anything to go by, this season will be a very long one where anything can happen.

Keep the belief, keep the support and Come on you Arsenal! 

By Akhil Vyas


Anonymous said...

We have been saying that god knows for how long. It's the same mistake over and over again.
The gunners can forget about winning the games against the big teams if this not cut against the next team ie. Birmingham and all the epl teams.

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