Monday, November 8

November strikes again

Over 11 years now and our record is always dismal.

I really thought would be different this year thinking that with all the injuries at the beginning of the season would have rest like nicky theo rvp but while they been away chamakh and andrey have become knackered chamakh was running on empty in the game yesterday.

The players who have come back i think have been rushed back
theo only came back last week yet he supposed to play to two games in a week.
Cesc seems this hamstring injury is on going and he missed 27 passes against Newcastle, his worst ever tally in a Prem. I'm wondering if it would be better if he went for the surgery got rid all the scar tissue and came back fire on all cylinders.

Why arent we using more of the squad the likes of JET, Vela and landsbury?

Even eastmond tho he looked out of his depth on Wednesday and didn’t look great v toon in the cup.

Had a feeling the carling cup victory would come back to bite us and it has.

Sorry for the lack of blogging have been taking one for the team as since we’d went on winning streak I hadn’t blogged and didn’t want to jinx it.

RSD out


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